Grimbergen Blanche

Grimbergen Blanche

Beer type:
Wheat Beer
Brand origin:
Grimbergen Blanche

Belgian-style white beers have a long brewing tradition, as they have been brewed in Belgium – and at Grimbergen Abbey – since the 14th century. Again, the Fathers proved their expertise by brewing a refreshing white beer. To attain the unique character of an abbey beer, they used selected and exclusive raw ingredients. A light yellow colour, fine bubbles and aromas of fruits, citrus, cloves and coriander with notes of cereals and vanilla already make Grimbergen Blanche a special delight among white beers, but the fine taste of bergamot is what makes it a rare delicacy. It truly is one of a kind.

Food Pairings

Ideal for sushi, sashimi, steamed fish and mussels. Moreover, this beer a good aromatic partner to spicy Vietnamese and Thai dishes.