Carlsberg Hong Kong takes home “Excellence Award” at the HKMA/TVB Awards 2017

Top 6 among more than 30 entries including FWD Insurance, Pizza Hut and K11 Concepts

Honored as the Oscars of the Marketing industry, Carlsberg Hong Kong claimed the Excellence Award and special Citation for Innovative Social Media Marketing and Outstanding TV Campaign at HKMA / TVB Awards for Marketing Excellence 2017, announced on 16 Oct 2017 during the Award Presentation Dinner at KW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong.

Last year, Carlsberg Hong Kong continued to amplify the communication platform “If Carlsberg Did”, to demonstrated the superior product quality by showing what the world would be like if it was as superior as Carlsberg beer. Besides TVC, the campaign worked side by side with social media and experiential consumer stunts –  “ If Carlsberg Did Fitting Room”, “If Carlsberg Did Euro Party” & “If Carlsberg Did Taxi”. These initiatives tapped into consumers’ tension to immerse them into the world of Carlsberg. They impressed the audiences, amazed many KOLs and media, as well as improved Carlsberg’s image among core target audiences.

Moreover, through pricing and distribution strategy, Carlsberg Hong Kong missioned themselves to think about how the brand could fit into different occasions that help consumers enjoy the most out of their gatherings. Carlsberg ensured consumers could get what fit their occasions most and enriched their fun time by injecting novelty, such as the launch of Beer Tower. A better drinking experience was proven to be rewarding, not just consumers enjoyed better time with their family and friends, an upsized basket of consumption benefitted Carlsberg Hong Kong’s business.

Judges regarded the Carlsberg’s marketing program as truly unique and innovative, and concluded that it was a highly successful marketing program with promising results, in terms of growth in sales volume and awareness among young drinkers. The series of marketing executions demonstrated the “do it better” spirit of Carlsberg. On the other hand, the Citation for Innovative Social Media recognized Carlsberg’s witty and responsive approach in social media; and the Citation for Outstanding TV Campaign acknowledged the success of how Carlsberg turned everyday mundane and day-to-day occurrences into an immersive, engaging and fun experience to wow audiences while connecting people with the brand.

Supported by the vastly improved brand liking and business results, Carlsberg Hong Kong is proud to say,



Established in 1985, the HKMA/TVB Awards for Marketing Excellence have been coveted industry recognition in past 32 years. Organized by the Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) and sponsored by Television Broadcast Ltd. (TVB), the Awards are aimed at bestowing honor and public recognition on individuals and organizations that have, through outstanding marketing programs, broken barriers and raised the standards of the marketing profession in Hong Kong.