Yeast And Ferm 222

Yeast & Fermentation

Yeast has been one of the major objects of research at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory since 1876. The original Carlsberg yeast strain S. carlsbergensis, isolated in 1883 by Emil Chr. Hansen, is the ancestor of many of the modern Lager yeasts. Some of the currently most popular strains used in the brewing industry, and particularly at Carlsberg Breweries are direct results of the research of the Carlsberg Research Laboratory.

The work on yeast genetics and biology has been fundamental for the subsequent work on yeast breeding. Recently, we have added research on lactic acid bacteria to support the development of craft and specialty beers and non-alcoholic beverages.


The overall aim of the Yeast and Fermentation Platform is to provide the next brewing organisms with improved traits for application in our core beers, craft and specialty beers and non-alcoholic beverages. Using conventional and non-conventional yeast and lactic acid bacteria, the research is conducted in close collaboration with all platforms of the Carlsberg Research Laboratory to develop a portfolio of novel beverages with novel flavours and applications. Typical research methods and technologies include e.g. screening, breeding and evolution and employ state-of-the-art equipment incl. screening robots and a fermentation platform for detailed performance and physiology studies.

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