‘Carlsberg 0.0’ - The next opportunity in beverage market

The new product emphasizes alcohol-free, zero sugar, and low calories contents to enjoy anywhere and anytime.

HONG KONG, October 7, 2022 - Carlsberg launches a low calorie and zero sugar beverage - ‘Carlsberg 0.0’ today, available in cans across convenience stores, supermarkets, designated restaurants.

The trend of heightened health-consciousness has been sweeping across Hong Kong to embrace moderation from full-strength beer to alcohol-free beverage following the curb of COVID-19 pandemic and social restriction.

‘Carlsberg 0.0’ is a healthier alternative that is driven by active and mindful consumers. Our signature product includes features of Alcohol 0.0% volume, zero sugar, and low calories to connect with a growing population looking to gain the benefits of the refreshing beverage while maintaining fitness and well-being.

The ‘Carlsberg 0.0’ can be an attractive option for young people to indulge in an immersive drinking experience in social settings from celebrations to social events.

We have positioned ‘Carlsberg 0.0’ to work towards our sustainability aspiration and create a culture of responsible consumption.

Carlsberg 0.0 Details:

a) Taste Note
• The refreshing taste with a crisp hoppy bite of ‘Carlsberg 0.0’ crafted to contain zero alcohol and sugar content without compromising the savor and aroma of a full-strength beer while retaining the refreshment.

b) Alcohol 0.0% volume
• The Carlsberg 0.0 is desirable for all occasions from meals, sports, to works for consumption anywhere, anytime.

c) Packaging
• The “Carlsberg 0.0” is presented with its striking blue can, marking trustworthiness and calmness in defining Carlsberg’s philosophy for a better day and tomorrow.

Our phenomenal taste of the alcohol-free beverage has utilized the cutting-edge methodology of alcohol evaporation, a unique brewing process which adopts the identical malts and hops as the original for a full-flavor experience with tasting note of beer while gently manages the alcohol to retain full flavor, balanced bitterness, and aroma.

*ALC<0.05% VOL., 19 kcal per 100ml