Elevating 1664 Blanc possibilities – A Twist of Fashion with a Taste for Style

HONG KONG - JUNE 12, 2023 - We are thrilled to announce 1664 Blanc new limited-edition packaging with a new collaboration with Hong Kong renowned fashion brand - DEMO to bring out A Twist of Fashion with a Taste for Style. 

 “Good Taste with a Twist” & “Playfully Elegance”

DEMO is known for its contemporary classic style to bring timeless elegance and sophistication and exquisite craftsmanship which is in line with the long-standing elegance of 1664 Blanc – an expression of elegance and taste. 

The new limited-edition packaging embodies two exclusive outfits designed by DEMO - “Good Taste with a Twist” & “Playfully Elegance”, which are also carried by top-of-the-town icon Keung To, in the latest promotional video. The meticulousness in design and classic style are what make the costumes stand out. Both outfits are crafted with 1664 Blanc signature blue and white color palettes with a vibrant red as the finishing touch, resulting in an elegant fashion style.

Since the inception of Good Taste with a Twist Campaign in 1664 Blanc, the brand has always been associated with elegance and playfulness. This distinct identity enables 1664 to explore the impossibility and turn it into a fashion statement, broadening the definition of French beer beyond just an alcoholic beverage.

The campaign has been rolled out across all major networks in Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories including massive network outdoor advertising display on public transport and prominent multi-media outdoor exposure to take over the Island Beverley Shopping Centre in Causeway Bay. 

1664 Blanc x Keung To Beer Bottle Jacket Design Competition

1664 Blanc will hold the “1664 Blanc x Keung To Beer Bottle Jacket Design Competition”, inviting everyone to design the most fashionable beer bottle jacket for this special limited-edition beer bottle that can best express the lifestyle tastes of 1664 Blanc. The winning works will be signed by Keung To as a souvenir. 

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About DEMO

DEMO is known for its contemporary classic style, traditional silhouettes, and pattern that are tailored with sophistication and perfection whilst elegance should never be compromised. The core values of DEMO are in line with the long-standing elegance of the 1664 Blanc brand position with a twist as the finishing touch.

This collaboration marks the milestone in the ‘Good Taste with a Twist Campaign’ that 1664 Blanc has accomplished with a fashion house, reflecting our commitment to innovation and modernity to continue building a super-premium image.