Twisting the Fashion with Beer in Hong Kong 1664 Blanc Vogue Soirée

A 1664 Blanc Vogue Soiree Event was successfully launched in Hong Kong from July 15-30, 2023. The experience was enhanced by transporting the participants into a Parisian-inspired place that embodies Good Taste with a Twist and is filled with joie de vivre in every moment From the moment they stepped into our event, the carefully curated setup aims to surprise and delight the sense in an all-encompassing way with the ambiance designed to immerse participants in a world where time slows down, allowing them to savor 1664 Blanc to in every moment.

Twisting the Fashion with Beer in Hong Kong 1664 Blanc Vogue Soirée


1664 Blanc Vogue Soirée Experience Zone

The 1664 Blanc Vogue Soiree took place in K11 Art Mall and transformed into a French-inspired place, filled with the enchanting essence of 1664 Blanc and fashion elements to experience the playful elegance that defines 1664 Blanc.

No French experience would be completed without indulging in the 1664 Blanc - renowned for its hint of citrus flavor! The participants had the opportunity to enjoy the exquisite beer crafted with precision and passion

But that is not all! We kept the engagement going by organizing an exclusive fashion workshop over the weekend where participants got hands-on experience in twisting their own 1664 Blanc T-Shirt, perfume, and strap. It was an incredible opportunity to unleash their inner fashionista

A Twist of Fashion with a Taste for Style

The event brought the two stunning outfits in our TVC – ‘Playfully Elegance’ & ‘Good Taste with a Twist’

From the intricate details to the impeccable craftsmanship, these outfits perfectly embody the commitment of elevating the possibilities of 1664 Blanc that combines playfulness with timeless elegance.

1664 Blanc Vogue Soiree Preview Night – July 14, 2023

An exclusive preview night was orchestrated to invite key opinion leaders (KOLs), internal colleagues for exploration of Parisian-inspired Street and setup. 

Following the latest A Twist of Fashion with a Taste for Style campaign, we had the designer - DEMO in live to share how the outfits have been designed for maximum impact. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to witness the unveiling of the outfits designed for 1664 Blanc.