SKOL relaunched with a new refreshed Visual Identity & New Look and Feel

HONG KONG, MAY 15, 2023 - This year, Hong Kong joins effort with Malaysia and Singapore to embark on a relaunch of SKOL with a new refreshed visual identity, and new look & feel since 2017, so that we can continue to win the hearts and minds of our consumers. SKOL is a leading brand in Hong Kong and it is also widely available in other regional markets in Asia such as Malaysia and Singapore.

SKOL is a well-established brand within the economy segment mainly consumed by the more mature age group of male 40+. As the 2nd best selling beer brand with long heritage in the Hong Kong market, the brand needs to constantly stay relevant especially amongst the younger cohorts. 

The new SKOL brand identity and packaging comes with the eagle which is symbolic of freedom and confidence. Freedom fits well with SKOL demand space ‘Unwind & Unplug’ and resonates with our consumers who wish to wind down after a hard day of work. In-depth consumer study was conducted, and the results validated that with the new vibrant yellow and red color, SKOL stands out from shelves amongst the competitors with a younger brand imagery.

During the relaunch campaign, a series of communications and in-store promotions will be activated from 15 May to reach out to our target consumers including OOH, digital and PR to substantiate SKOL.

The new SKOL is the only beer reward every busy day. This is the beer for you, the beer for your friends. Fresh, rewarding. Say skol, say cheers to a day well done.